Fall 1995 Newsletter

VOLUME 11 NUMBER 2 September 1995

Dr. Chris Neuzil of the USGS is the GSA's 1995 Birdsall-Dreis Distinguished Lecturer and will present his lecture entitled Groundwater Hydrodynamics of an Ultra-Low Permeability Shale, South Dakota on Friday October 20th at our Fall IGA meeting at the Bloomington Holiday Inn. Dr. Neuzil's presentation is very appropriate since estimating hydraulic conductivity of low-permeability strata is difficult and a common problem in Illinois. Neuzil received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from the State University of New York at Binghamton and a Ph.D. in Hydrogeology from John Hopkins University. He has worked since 1977 as a research hydrologist at the USGS in Reston, Virginia. His research interests include the hydrogeology of clays and shales, problems of characterizing low-permeability environments, and the interaction between groundwater and geologic processes. After the presentation there will be an open forum with Dr. Neuzil at 2:45.


Dr. Neuzil will also present his lecture entitled Roles of Science and Uncertainty in Solving Societies Groundwater Problems the evening before the Fall IGA Meeting. His lecture culminates the week-long celebration of ISU's Arts and Sciences Week. A map to the ISU Student Center is found within this newsletter on page 9.


Along with Dr. Neuzil as our featured guest, the meeting will have three talks about electronic data, geographic information systems (GIS), and how the data are utilized for problem solving, planning, and regulatory purposes. Also included is a talk about nitrates and treated biosolids, and the hydrogeology of Troy Valley, Illinois. The Open Forum with Dr. Neuzil, slated for 2:45, will allow us plenty of time to talk about groundwater issues.

Registration for the Fall 1995 IGA meeting begins at 8:00 AM on October 20th. The program continues from 9:00 AM through 3:15, and includes a luncheon and open podium session at noon. Meeting fees for pre-registration are $60 for non-IGA members, $45 for member, and $20 for students. The $60 fee for non-members will include your membership fee if you fill out and send in the membership form found on page 9. Registration at the door (considered late registration) is $55 members and $70 for non-members. Pre-registration by October 6, 1995 is strongly recommended to ensure your place at the conference luncheon. For information on registration call Dan Kelleher, IGA Secretary-Treasurer, at (708) 955-6694.


The IGA Spring Meeting was held at Fermi Lab in Batavia, Illinois on March 22, 1995. It was an excellent conference, with topics ranging from selection of wetland mitigation sites to air sparging for groundwater remediation. The meeting was highlighted by the presentation of the 1995 Groundwater Awards and by our featured speaker Dr. Simpkins.


The Spring 1996 IGA meeting is scheduled to occur at Fermilab facility during the last part of March, and the Fall 1996 IGA meeting is scheduled on October 9th and 10th at Starved Rock State Park. The Fall meeting will be a 2-day University Symposia, similar in format to the Fall 1992 IGA meeting. Anyone interested in presenting a short talk at the IGA 1996 meetings should contact Steve Wilson at (217) 333-0956. Presentations on all aspects of groundwater in and around Illinois are welcome.


This year the IGA received six grant applications, two of which won awards:

Rebecca Ried, a Masters student at Northern Illinois University, has been awarded $300 to help offset field equipment and supplies. Her research is entitled Hydrogeological Characterization of Ground Water at a Wetland in Van Pattern Woods, Northeastern Illinois. Rebecca has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Earth Science from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Her target completion date is May 1996.

Reynald de Castro, a Masters student at Illinois State University, has been awarded $200 to help offset travel expenses and supplies. His research is entitled Groundwater Chemistry Across a Buried Anticline in Douglas County, Illinois. Reynald has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from Illinois State University. His target date for completion is also May 1996.


The IGA has a number of small awards available to provide partial support for student research on groundwater or related topics. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of scientific merit, capability of the applicant, and reasonableness of the requested funding relative to the proposed work. These grants are open to any graduate or undergraduate student registered at an accredited Illinois college or university. Grant winners are requested to present the findings of their research at an IGA meeting. The 1996 student grant applications are currently being accepted. If you are interested in an application, contact Dan Kelleher-IGA Secretary-Treasurer at (708) 955-6694 by April 1, 1996.


Bob Sasman, Hydrologist Emeritus with the Illinois State Water Survey, has made a written motion to amend the IGA Constitution and Bylaws so that 1) all references to "Chairman" and "Vice-Chairman" be changed to read "Chair" and "Vice-Chair", respectfully, and 2) to amend all references to "Him", "His", and "He" so as to indicate no sexual reference. This matter will be brought up at the Fall Meeting for discussion and vote.


The IGA is a co-sponsor of the Fourth Annual Great Lakes Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Conference which will be held on May 17, 1996 on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus. The theme of the conference is in-situ remediation of contaminated sites and will provide a forum to share the experiences of both research and field applications of different in-situ methods for remediating contaminated soils and groundwater.

This one-day conference will include presentations and a technical exhibit. Prospective authors of the papers, which will be included in the conference proceedings, are requested to submit a 250 to 300-word abstract by December 1, 1995 to Professor Krishna Reddy, Department of Civil and Materials Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago, 842 West Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60607, Phone (312) 996-4755, Fax (312) 996-2426.


A three-phased transition of the Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) program from state to federal lead took place on August 1, 1995. The complete transition is expected to take up to 12 months. In the first phase to extend from August 1 through November 15, 1995, federal LUST rules (40 CFR 280) will apply to sites in Cook County and statewide sites with multiple (10+) releases. In phase 2 from November 16, 1995 through March 31, 1996, federal LUST regulations will apply to the collar counties of Lake, McHenry, Will, and DuPage. Phase 3 will continue from April 1 through July 31, 1996, when federal regulations will apply to all Illinois counties.

One of the significant differences between Federal and Illinois LUST regulations is that there are no deadlines for agency review. Under agreement with the U.S. EPA Region V, the IEPA will continue to process and review documentation and corrective action plans. Owners and operators of USTs should work directly with the IEPA until notified otherwise, and new releases should be reported to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA).

A growing problem with the Illinois LUST program is the backlog of unpaid approved reimbursement claims. As of September 1, 1995 there are $38 million in unpaid approved claims, up from $13 million on March 3, 1995. Illinois House Bill 901, which would have addressed problems in state LUST program that resulted in the takeover by the U.S. EPA and also the growing claim backlog through approval of new user fees, was defeated by the Illinois house in May 1995.


In conjunction with the federal takeover of the IEPA's LUST program, the EPA Region V has recently notified more than 12,000 Illinois UST owners/operators that the Illinois LUST Fund will no longer be an acceptable financial assurance mechanism by the end of September 1995. The U.S. EPA said that the Illinois UST fund no longer provides effective coverage for cleanup costs and compensation since the fund has more than $30 million in unpaid claims. UST owners are required by RCRA to show financial responsibility in order to cover possible cleanup costs and third party liability.


The Illinois Professional Geologist Licensing Act (Public Act 89-0366) was signed into law by Governor Edgar on August 18, 1995. The program is to be administered by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and will go into effect on July 1, 1996. The grandfathering provision will extend for one year starting July 1, 1996. Thanks to all those who wrote the Governor with examples demonstrating the need for licensed geologists. Other states that currently have or are implementing geologist registration programs include Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and Minnesota.


Dr. William W. Shilts has been named the new Chief of the Illinois State Geological Survey. He started his duties this past June. Dr. Shilts earned a Ph.D. in geology from Syracuse University. His previous position was head of the Environmental Geochemistry Section, Mineral Resources Division, Geological Survey of Canada.


The Symposia Water: A Survey of Our Resources, celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Illinois State Water Survey, will be held on September 22, 1995 at SIU in Carbondale and on October 25, 1995 at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Topics covered include stream quality improvement, acid rain, shallow well contamination, and the hydrology of the Cache river wetlands. The symposia are free, but space is limited. Call Sally McConkey at (217) 333-5482.


The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is sponsoring the Illinois Natural Resources Information Network on the Internet. Digital information is available on Illinois ecosystems, environmental quality, land cover mapping, laws and regulations, and much more. The World Wide Web address is http://dnr.state.il.us. If you are not connected to the Internet but have a modem and appropriate software, contact the EcoForum at (800) 528-5486.


The Illinois Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Management Act, amended in late 1993, sets up a process whereby a LLRW disposal site will be selected and eventually licensed. The first part of the process was the naming of the LLRW Task Group, which has developed proposed criteria for site selection. Principal criteria will relate to geographic, geologic, seismologic, tectonic, hydrologic, and other scientific conditions. Informational meetings and public hearings will be held from September through November 1995, with final adoption of criteria to occur on January 17-18, 1996. After the criteria are established, the ISGS and ISWS are to screen the State of Illinois and identify at least 10 possible locations and evaluate any volunteered locations, a process anticipated to take 15 to 18 months after the adoption of LLRW selection criteria. These sites will be evaluated by the State's contractor and the three sites that are the most promising will be submitted to the Task Group for review. When three sites are found to be acceptable, the Task Group will select one and the Task Group will then be dissolved. The selected site is then characterized until licensing requirements, administered by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, are met. A copy of the document Proposed Site Selection Criteria for a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility and more information can be obtained from the LLRW Task Group at P.O. Box 5839, Springfield, IL 62705-5839 or by calling (217) 523-0817 or by Fax at (217) 523-0922.


September 19-20, 1995. Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment Seminars, St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois. Sponsored by the University of Toledo-Seagate. Call (419) 321-5112 for more information.

September 22, 1995. Water: A Survey of Our Resources, at SIU in Carbondale and U of I in Champaign, Illinois. Sponsored by the IGWS. Call Sally McConkey at (217) 333-5482.

September 22, 1995. The Geology and Hydrogeologic Setting of the Chicago Area, at the Como Inn, Chicago, Illinois. Sponsored by the Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG). AEG meetings are held at the Como Inn in Chicago, Illinois on the third Tuesday of the month. Contact Art Stuckey (312) 831-3208 for more information.

September 28-30, 1995. Illinois Science Teachers Association 28th Annual Convention, Springfield, Illinois. Call Gary Butler (217) 786-7340 for more information.

October 2, 1995. The 6th Annual IEPA Pollution Prevention Conference, Peoria, Illinois. Call Mark Gerberding (217) 785-8797 for more information.

October 10-11, 1995. Governor's Conference on Illinois Rivers, Pere Marquette Hotel, Peoria, Illinois. Contact the Heartland Water Resource Council (309) 637-5253.

October 16-18th, 1995. The 40th Annual Midwest Groundwater Conference will be held in Columbia, Missouri. For more information call (314) 368-2194.

October 28-30, 1995. The National Ground Water Association 47th National Convention will be held at Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information call (800) 551-7379

October 28, 1995. The 21st Annual Conference of the Illinois Environmental Council, Springfield, Illinois. Call (217) 544-5954.

October 30-31, 1995. Annual Conference of the Illinois Environmental Health Association at the Pere Marquette Hotel, Peoria, Illinois. Contact Cory Hedman (708) 409-3970 for more information.

November 6-9, 1995. Geologic Society of America meeting, in New Orleans, Louisiana. For more information on GSA annual meeting, call (303) 447-2020.

November 19-21, 1995. Annual Groundwater Guardian Conference, Oakbrook, Illinois. Contact the Groundwater Foundation at (800) 858-4844.

Please forward comments, suggestions, or items to be included in future Newsletters to Erik at the address found on the last page of the Newsletter.


The annual Groundwater Science Awards, presented each year at the Illinois Groundwater Association's Spring Meeting, are co-sponsored by the IGA and the Illinois Groundwater Protection Education Program developed under the Illinois Groundwater Protection Act. The awards recognize outstanding science-based achievements in the management, protection, and utilization of groundwater.


Mr. Philip C. Reed, Staff Geologist at the Illinois State Geological Survey, was recognized for his career of outstanding dedication to the people of Illinois through achievement, service, and education in groundwater science, and the application of geophysics to groundwater resource evaluation and protection. Mr. Reed has authored or co-authored 65 scientific publications on geophysics, groundwater contamination, groundwater availability, and general geology. He began his career at the Illinois State Geological Survey in 1970, and re-introduced the use of borehole geophysics during an environmental geology drilling program in northeastern Illinois in 1971. Assuming responsibility for electrical earth resistivity survey work in 1972, he has performed over 900 EER surveys helping municipalities, industries, farms, and thousands of individuals find suitable groundwater from glacial sand and gravel aquifers. In addition, Mr. Reed has participated in and led research projects such as pollution control studies, irrigation potential and impact studies, and an inventory of springs in Illinois, and he has assisted graduate students from Southern and Northern Illinois Universities with their Masters Degree work. Phil retired from the Illinois State Geological Survey on May 1, 1995 having been one of the primary individuals providing groundwater information and service at the Survey for the past 25 years.

Dr. John P. Kempton, Sr. Geologist Emeritus at the Illinois State Geological Survey, was recognized for outstanding lifetime achievement and enthusiasm in pioneering the development and championing the use of three dimensional lithostratigraphic mapping, which provides the geologic framework on which the protection of Illinois's groundwater resources are based. Dr. Kempton has authored or co-authored over 70 scientific publications on the glacial geology in Illinois, its stratigraphy, methods of investigation, its relationship to groundwater resource development and protection, and its relationship to surface and subsurface land use. He joined the Illinois State Geological Survey in 1956, and became part of the Groundwater Section in 1963. His "stack-unit mapping" concept was first used in the late 1960s on project work in DeKalb County, and the concept was expanded during the mid 1970s while assessing the potential for contamination of aquifers from landfill leachate and septic systems in the six-county Chicago metropolitan area for NIPC. Dr. Kempton subsequently performed similar mapping projects for Boone, Winnebago, and Kankakee Counties and developed a state-wide stack-unit map (well known to all consultants doing leaking underground storage tank projects in Illinois). In addition, Dr. Kempton is recognized as an expert on the geology and groundwater resources of the Mahomet Bedrock Valley of central Illinois, and has provided assistance to Danville, Champaign-Urbana, Bloomington-Normal, LeRoy, Clinton, Farmer City, and many other smaller communities in securing adequate water supplies. John received the ISGS Distinguished Service Award in 1988, and retired from the Illinois State Geological Survey in 1992.


Mr. William M. Ebert, a Licensed Water Well and Pump Installation Contractor, was recognized for his outstanding expertise and commitment in advocating and promoting correct water well construction standards and practices and the wisdom of using and protection of Illinois' groundwater resources. Mr. Ebert started in the water well industry in 1950 at the firm his grandfather had founded in 1888. He was elected to the Illinois Water Well and Pump Installation Contractor's Licensing Board in 1960, and has served as Chairman of that board for the last 20 years. Mr. Ebert has been a Member of the Illinois Association of Groundwater Professionals since 1948, and has served on its legislative Committee, its Board of Directors, and as its Vice President and President. In addition, Mr. Ebert volunteers his time as a speaker on water well construction and groundwater protection at workshops sponsored by industry groups as well as state and local public health departments. Most recently, Bill worked to ensure that the Illinois Water Well Construction Code was amended to reflect requirements of the 1987 Groundwater Protection Act.

Mr. Harry Hendrickson, Groundwater Education Coordinator at the Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources, was recognized for extraordinary leadership and encouragement in educating the public and young students about groundwater in Illinois and the need to protect this resource for future generations. He is intimately involved in every aspect of groundwater education in schools throughout the state--the best groundwater education program in the nation. Mr. Hendrickson raised funds for and assisted in development of the Buried Treasure Curriculum, designed to guide elementary and secondary teachers in bringing groundwater information into existing curricula, and he conceived and obtained Kellogg Foundation grant funding for the Illinois Middle School Groundwater Project, which is providing groundwater education to thousands of students. Mr. Hendrickson speaks to over 85 audiences each year, writes articles, press releases, and bulletins on groundwater education; helps state organizations with funding, organization issues, support and nurturing; and arranges for the development and distribution of articles, brochures, videos, graphics, slides, and posters. Harry performs his job with a zest and love of his work that affects each and every one of us involved with groundwater in Illinois, truly making him "Mr. Groundwater Education" in Illinois.

Illinois Groundwater Association
Fall 1995 Meeting Registration
October 20, 1995

Please send one meeting registration form for each individual who will be attending, or clearly indicate all individuals who will be attending on this form. Send in the form and the meeting registration fee to Daniel Kelleher, in care of RUST Environment & Infrastructure, 1240 E. Diehl Road, Naperville, IL 60563 by October 6, 1995.

If you are not an IGA member and wish to join, please also fill out the IGA membership form and send it in with your registration. The IGA membership fee is included in the Spring 1995 IGA meeting registration for non-members ($60).

Below is the schedule of Fall 1995 meeting fees. Please make checks payable to the Illinois Groundwater Association:

Member, early registration: $45 (To be received by Dan by October 6, 1995)

Member, late registration: $55

Non-member, early registration: $60 (To be received by October 6, $15 can go toward membership)

Non-member, late registration: $70 ($15 can go toward membership if desired)

Student: $20

This map shows the location of the IGA October 20th Fall Meeting at the Bloomington Holiday Inn and the evening presentation by Dr. Neuzil at ISU on the day before the IGA meeting on October 19th.


Title or Position:



Member / Non-member / Student (Circle one)

Phone Number: ( ) - Ext.


STEVE WILSON currently serves as the Illinois Groundwater Association Vice-Chairman. He is a long-time IGA member and was formerly the Secretary-Treasurer for the IGA. Steve is an Associate Hydrologist with the Illinois State Water Survey. During his seven years at the Survey, Steve's research has been primarily with groundwater quantity assessments and pilot studies for pesticides in groundwater. Steve holds a MSCE degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


DAVE LARSON currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Groundwater Association. He is an Associate Hydrogeologist with the Illinois State Geological Survey (USGS). He earned a BA degree in Geology from the State University of New York, College at Fredonia and a MS degree in Geology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has 20 years of experience in groundwater resource investigations, management, and planning, particularly with regards to glacial-drift aquifers. Among other things, his work at the ISGS includes an aquifer assessment of the Green River Lowland, evaluating the potential for supplemental supply for Danville from groundwater, and a study of the glacial-drift aquifers in west McLean-east Tazewell Counties. Prior to joining the ISGS, he worked with the Nebraska Geological Survey and the North Dakota State Water Commission. He has authored or co-authored 13 technical publications on groundwater as well as written numerous resource management appraisals as part of North Dakota's groundwater appropriation process.


MOLLY ARP currently works for Beling Consultants and has been a geologist for 15 years, working half that time as an oil field reservoir engineer and the other half as a geologist and hydrogeologist on a cleanup and compliance team. Molly has experience with regulatory issues involving groundwater contamination, such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) cleanups, closures, underground storage tanks (USTs), corrective action plans, and innovative technology. Molly continues to study groundwater technology and works with universities, when possible, on project work. Molly holds CHMM certification.

ALLEN OERTEL is a Senior Engineer with the consulting engineering firm Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc. in Springfield, Illinois. He holds a BS in Geology from Eastern Illinois University and a MS in Geology from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. His current work assignments are on groundwater supply and contamination projects related to LUST and RCRA facilities. Previously, he worked for the Illinois Department of Mines and Minerals specializing in groundwater contamination issues related to coal mining and oil and gas production. While with the IDMM, he participated in the drafting of the Illinois Ground Water Protection Act. His experience also includes exploration and development for both the petroleum and uranium industries. In addition to the National Ground Water Association, he is a member of the National Ground Water Association and the American Institute of Professional Geologists.

STEVEN P. ESLING will be serving the second of his two-year term as an Illinois Groundwater Association Director in 1996 and will therefore not be on the 1996 ballot.


DAN KELLEHER is currently serving as the Illinois Groundwater Association Secretary-Treasurer. He is a hydrogeologist at RUST Environment & Infrastructure in Naperville, Illinois. Dan is currently involved with hydrogeological/geotechnical site characterization and geophysical data collection and analysis related to solid and hazardous waste management. He has also worked for Beling Consultants in Moline, Illinois, and the Illinois State Geological Survey. Dan has a BA in Geology from Monmouth College and a MS in Geology from Northern Illinois University.


REYNALD DE CASTRO is a graduate student at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois. Rey is pursuing his MS in Geohydrology with a thesis involving Groundwater Chemistry Across a Buried Anticline in Douglas County, Illinois. Rey was the recipient of an Illinois Groundwater Association Student Grant Award. As a teaching assistant, Rey assist Dr. Borbett, Department Chairperson, with his Geochemistry course as well as participating in the collection of data for a new method of characterizing rainfall. He also presented a paper involving groundwater chemistry at the 1994 GSA North Central Meeting in Kalamazoo, MI. This past summer Rey interned with Northern Illinois Gas in Storage Development at Naperville, Illinois. Rey will be graduating in May 1996.

SHANNON FULTON-BOWERS is a graduate student at Illinois State University in Normal and is finishing her MS degree in Geohydrology, concentrating on the development of a group of multi-dimensional model simulations which can be utilized in the determination of capture zones and recharge areas of pumping wells in uniformly sloping, stratified material typical of actual water supply systems in Illinois. She is employed by Lewis, Yockey and Brown, Inc. (LYB), an engineering firm in Bloomington, where she has been employed as a geologist since she earned a BS in Geology from ISU in 1992. Shannon has gained technical and practical experience in the field through the design and management of groundwater and soil sampling programs for several leaking underground storage tank sites. She has also monitored and evaluated the adequacy of the groundwater monitoring network for a local landfill. Shannon will complete here MS degree at ISU in August 1996 and intends to utilize the knowledge gained from her study of multi-dimensional groundwater computer simulations to analyze and implement wellhead protection programs for municipal water supply systems.

MICHAEL L. GREENSLATE is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Geohydrology at Illinois State University. In addition to serving as a full-time teaching assistant at Illinois State University, he is a faculty member at Lincoln College where he teaches an introductory earth-science coarse. His thesis research involves the development of a groundwater model for the City of Clinton, Illinois. Michael has spent his last two summers working as a field technician for the Illinois State Geological Survey (1994) and the State Water Survey (1995). Michael received his undergraduate training at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston and has a BS in Geology. While in attendance at E.I.U., Michael served as chapter president of both Gamma Theta Upsilon (National Geography Honor Society) and Sigma Gamma Epsilon (National Earth-Science Honor Society).

Illinois Groundwater Association
Proxy Ballot for Election of 1996 Officers

( ) Mr. Steve Wilson
Illinois State Water Survey
Champaign, Illinois

( ) _____________________

( ) Mr. Dave Larson
Illinois State Geological Survey
Champaign, Illinois

( ) _____________________

( ) Mr. Dan Kelleher
RUST Environmental and Infrastructure
Naperville, Illinois

( ) _____________________

Director (vote for one candidate for this two-year position)
( ) Ms. Molly Arp
Beling Consultants
Moline, Illinois

( ) Mr. Allen Oertel
Crawford, Murphy and Tilly, Inc.
Springfield, Illinois

( ) _____________________

Student Director (vote for one)
( ) Mr. Reynold de Castro
Illinois State University at Normal, Illinois
Normal, Illinois

( ) Ms. Shannon Fulton-Bowers
Illinois State University at Normal, Illinois
Normal, Illinois

( ) Mr. Michael L. Greenslate
Illinois State University at Normal, Illinois

( ) _____________________

Directions: Place an "x" in the box opposite the candidate of your choice. If you prefer to vote for a candidate not listed, write the name and business affiliation of your choice in the space provided and mark with an "x". Write-in candidates must be members of the IGA. Mail the completed ballot to Dan Kelleher at the address provided on the last page of this newsletter

Fall Meeting, Friday, October 20, 1995
Bloomington Holiday Inn, Bloomington, Illinois


8:00 - 9:00 AM Registration
9:00 - 9:10 Welcome
9:10 - 9:30 Domesticating the Groundwater Modeling Genie
Larry Barrows and Carl Davies, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
9:30 - 9:50 Applying GIS Technology to Geologic Mapping
Robert Krumm, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, Illinois
9:50 - 10:10 Evaluating Aquifer Sensitivity to Contamination by Pesticides: Integrating GIS
Technology into a State Regulatory Program
Donald Keefer, Illinois State Geological Survey, Champaign, Illinois
10:10 - 10:30 Break
10:30 - 10:50 Application of GPS and GIS Technology for an Environmental Site Investigation: Data
Acquisition and Information Technology at the Kerr McGee Sites in West Chicago, Illinois
Erik Spande, CH2M HILL, Chicago, Illinois
10:50 - 11:10 Evaluation of the Hydrogeology and Groundwater Geochemistry of the Troy Bedrock
Valley in Northern DeKalb County, Illinois
Jacqueline Morrison*, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois
11:10 - 11:30 Ground Water Nitrates and the Surface Disposal of Treated Biosolids: Evaluating the
Allen Oertel, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc., Springfield, Illinois
11:30 - 12:00 Business Meeting and Open Podium
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 - 1:20 Student Grant Presentation
1:20 - 2:45 Groundwater Hydrodynamics of an Ultra-Low Permeability Shale, South Dakota
Dr. Chris Neuzil, Birdsall-Dreis Lecturer, United States Geological Survey
2:45 - 3:15 Open Forum with Dr. Neuzil
3:15 Short IGA Executive Meeting

*IGA Student Grant Recipient

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